Green Drinks Brussels Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Last week, Sustainability Consult celebrated the one year anniversary of Green Drinks Brussels. Green Drinks is a non-profit international organisation promoting informal drinks for people who work on or are interested in the environment. In May 2013, Sustainability Consult took the initiative to organise the first Green Drinks Brussels which saw a successful turnout of fifty people (and a dog)!

As a newcomer to Brussels and Sustainability Consult, it was my first ever Green Drinks. Attending the Brussels edition for the first time on its one year anniversary and as part of the host organisation's Team was a real honour.

Green DrinksNeedless to say, I had an excellent time. The best thing about the evening was the diversity of people who came. I met people from all stages of their careers: those like myself who have just started work in the environmental field to seasoned veterans of the sustainability scene. We welcomed guests from environmental NGOs, trade associations, think tanks, EU institutions, companies and political parties.

Speaking to people from such a range of backgrounds was fantastic, especially as it is clear everyone is united in their passion for sustainability. What's more, it was clear that attendees felt comfortable and at ease immediately. After an hour it was difficult to tell who was enjoying their first Green Drinks Brussels and who had attended every one since the first!

Sustainability Consult is very proud to have introduced Green Drinks to Brussels. The Team are very excited about continuing to host the event and hope it continues to grow in the coming years. A big thank you to all who have joined us over the last twelve months and helped make Green Drinks Brussels such a special event. For those who are yet to make it, we look forward to welcoming you soon.

To keep up to date with future events you can join the Facebook Group, follow Green Drinks Brussels on Twitter, or ask to be added to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you next month!

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