Pavel Bláha – Communications Assistant

Both activist and analyst, Pavel studied a combination of media studies and environmental science. What initially began as a more casual interest in environmentalism has since developed into a love affair.

As Communications Assistant, Pavel works on a range of projects, using his analytical skills to unearth information and measure campaign successes. He will leave no stone unturned when researching stakeholders, press clippings or social media statistics.

Always ready to support his colleagues, Pavel is a great help on creative jobs – working his magic with Photoshop and video.

Soon to be a Masters graduate, Pavel manages to combine work, study and even volunteering for an environmental NGO. Prior to joining Sustainability Consult, he was an intern at the Czech Ministry of the Environment in the communications department and worked as a video journalist.

Pavel is a trendy millennial. He is a passionate photographer, loves alternative music, cares about social issues and can talk about a cup of coffee for hours and hours. Interested in architecture and urbanism, he claims that if he just could draw, many city landscapes would tell a different story.

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Languages: English, Czech, French

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