Zoe Volioti – Consultant

Zoe’s background is in International and European Relations. A Masters in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science deepened her knowledge of systems thinking, which gives Zoe a unique talent for understanding the world in terms of relationships, connectedness and context.

Her experience at Sustainability Consult shaped a solutions-focused mindset. She believes sustainable, ethical business models and engaged stakeholders are essential to achieve change.

Zoe consults on clients and works with Kathryn on business development, handling external activities like events and awards, both for us and for clients. She develops our media partnerships and leads the Team on preparing EU project proposals.

Before Sustainability Consult, Zoe worked for Greenpeace’s Direct Dialogue programme in Athens and launched environmental awareness and education campaigns in Thessaloniki. She is proud to have co-founded Artivist in 2011, an online magazine on Activism, Environment, Culture and Human Rights.

A Sea Scout since the age of six and a devoted water polo player, water is her second home. Whether she’s sailing, surfing, windsurfing, swimming or reading on the beach, for Zoe it is the limitless horizon and deep blue sea which free her mind.

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Languages: English, Greek, French

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