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Marta studied political science and journalism and has been working in communications and policy in Brussels ever since. She’s worked in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy and did a traineeship in the European Commission.

With a keen interest in words and writing, Marta also serves as a freelance editor and journalist for the Brussels Morning newspaper. Her career in journalism has included Brussels-based publications Cafébabel and Katoikos and two of the major newspapers in Portugal, Diário de Notícias and Correio da Manhā.

A fierce advocate for minimalism and sustainability, Marta loves the concept of living off-grid and being self-sufficient. She enjoys wild-camping, road trips and deep conversation. She's also very fond of tea and dogs.

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Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

Jason joined the team in February 2019. He works on all things Credibility Audit. 
Born and raised in Belgium to English parents, Jason moved to the UK to do a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Environmental Science at the University of York. He developed an interest in renewable energy systems, sustainable businesses and smart cities. 
Whilst there, he helped set up the football team in his college. He was team captain and throughout his career was a prolific goal scorer, scoring a total of four goals, with only two of them being own goals. 
After becoming a Belgian in 2019, he can proudly say he loves Belgian waffles and Belgian beers. 
Languages: English, French 

A natural problem-solver, Matt turned from the world of mathematics to finding solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Through an MSc in Environmental Science, Policy and Planning and eco-activist adventures as a Greenpeace volunteer, Matt has built a career dedicated to developing business, policy and infrastructure solutions to tackle climate change. An ongoing PhD on how to change the world by influencing behaviour drew him into the world of marketing and communications.

Matt now works on the circular and bioeconomies, supporting Sustainability Consult and its clients in understanding emerging markets and how credible communications can lead the transition to a low carbon future.

For this, he draws on 20 years’ experience of pushing green innovations into everyday existence. From reclaiming contaminated lands in Australia – while simultaneously minding a kangaroo or two, to promoting resource-efficiency through the sharing economy – Matt has worked across a broad range of sustainability initiatives.

While he enjoys many creative and sporting pursuits, in recent years these have been displaced by two charming but demanding toddlers. Matt’s favourite activity now is catching up on sleep!

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Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish

With a natural sense of diplomacy, great people and organisational skills, Maria takes care of all the administrative tasks at Sustainability Consult. Her keen eye for detail keeps the office running smoothly. As a proud mother of two, Maria knows how to efficiently manage the different needs of a busy office, no matter how large or small.

Maria comes from Slovakia, where she trained as a language teacher and translator at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. After obtaining her masters, she travelled around Europe learning and practicing languages. In 2009, Maria adopted Brussels as her new home, taking every opportunity to explore her passion for music and dance. She studied contemporary dance but it was through a salsa class that she found true love!

Before joining Sustainability Consult, Maria worked as a German and Italian teacher. She also put her language skills to work as a freelance translator, translating documents from English into Czech, French and her native Slovak. Later, Maria’s innate multitasking abilities allowed her to transition seamlessly into working as an administrative and management assistant.

Maria’s favourite quote: “Mums are powered by love, fuelled by coffee and sustained by wine.”

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Languages: English, Slovak, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian

Noémie Léonard developed a passion for words and syntax during her Linguistics and Literary Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Her understanding of language means you can count on Noémie for clear, fluid writing.

Originally from Belgium, Noémie took a gap year in Australia before coming back to Brussels for her undergraduate degree. She spent six months studying in the UK on the Erasmus programme. While abroad, Noémie wrote a blog, capturing life’s quirky moments on camera and recounting her adventures in Devon and Down Under. This online experience and her interest in visual arts and photography support her work as a content creator for social media platforms.

Since she began working at Sustainability Consult, Noémie has used her creativity to develop eye-caching communications campaigns, become skilled at stakeholder mapping and managed social media accounts for both Sustainability Consult and its clients.

Noémie lives the life of a green, modern-day Brusseleir. She is a vegetarian, eats organic food and generally tries to live a sustainable lifestyle. She has more than one string to her bow, with interests ranging from the environment and green living to baking and literature. When she is not in the office, you will most probably find Noémie teaching contemporary dance.

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Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish


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