“Reputation is everything.”
—Kathryn Sheridan, Sustainability Consult

These days, a brand’s value is more about its reputation than its assets. How you engage with the world matters. Expectations are high and there is nowhere to hide. If you want to stay in business, you have to walk the talk on environmental and social issues.

We believe real leadership is about authenticity, courage and connection, as well as managing risk and reputation. At SC, we call it credibility.

Having your credibility audited might not be comfortable but losing your reputation is worse. It’s not all doom and gloom - we tell you what’s working which helps validate your people and your leadership.

Our Credibility Audit takes a deep dive into your public position, both what you say and what others say about you. We identify risk and show where you can improve. With decades of experience in sustainability communications, a deep understanding of the issues and a well-honed radar for what is true, this work satisfies our need to make the world a better, more honest place to do business.

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"Kathryn has a firm grasp on the bigger picture, which makes her bipartisan counsel and execution quite a bit more valuable than the average soul in the strategic communications world. She knows how to build bridges between often very different stakeholders with very hardened agendas and constraints. It also helps that she's pan-European and pan-American -- and that she's got a journalist's grasp of facts and figures and the public's attention span."

Stephan Herrera, VP, Strategy & Public Affairs, Evolva

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