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We started out as a sustainability communications and PR firm but we’ve always been a bit different. We won’t write your sustainability report but we will review it before you publish and identify any inconsistencies and risks to your reputation. 

It was never about the tools for us. It was always about the message.

We help clients walk the fine line between visibility and credibility – too much visibility and no credibility and you have hype. Hype backfires and bites you sooner or later. All credibility and no visibility and your project won’t be the success you want it to be. The Credibility Audit was born out of this experience of balancing the two.

Our clients have great stories and it’s our job to put them out into the world through the media, blogs, social media and at events, both on- and offline. We feel really strongly about thoughtleadership and work closely with leaders to build their profile as trusted experts.

You can see from our client list that we have a lot of experience in sustainable materials, particularly bio-based chemicals and plastics. We’ve been advocating for many years for the responsible development of the biomaterials industry. Biomaterials help divest from fossil fuels but it’s only part of the change we need. We need to rethink how we consume and move to a more circular, sustainable economy.

On the political level, we work with companies, trade organisations and NGOs in Brussels and Washington, DC and provide policy mapping for potential threats and emerging issues.

AEBIOM 2016 Kathryn Sheridan, CEO of Sustainability Consult

Bioplastic Fantastic: Why we don't need oil for plastics | Kathryn Sheridan | TEDxGhent

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