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We’ve been around since 2008 when sustainability communications was still a new field. Our CEO, Kathryn Sheridan, started the company out of her living room, driven by frustration at all the greenwashing that was going on at the time. Over ten years and a couple of offices later and we had grown to a team of nine people.

Kathryn faced the challenge many entrepreneurs face – balancing doing work which was her passion (and the reason she set up the company) with managing a team and an office. In 2019, she took the intentional step to close the office and scale back the team so she could focus on doing the work and having a direct impact with clients.

Today, the Sustainability Consult team is Kathryn and the 🐶 supported by a network of exceptional freelancers and creatives.

Our People

Kathryn Sheridan

Kathryn Sheridan, CEO
Ethical entrepreneur
Mindfulness practitioner

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Bertie Bagels

Bertie Bagels, Office Dog
Stick lover
Healthy distraction
Nature enthusiast

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