Royal DSM

A Partnership To Boost Renewable Fuels - Royal DSM is a Dutch multinational active in life sciences and material sciences. In 2012, DSM joined forces with POET, one of the world’s largest ethanol producers. Under the banner of a joint venture called Project LIBERTY, the two companies shared one vision: to make second generation cellulosic bioethanol competitive with grain ethanol.

In 2015, Sustainability Consult designed a stakeholder survey for DSM to gather insights on the European advanced biofuels market. We presented DSM with an analysis of the results and supported the Project LIBERTY social media strategy, drafting content for @DSM. Our work helped bring visibility to the cooperative effort to unlock the market for cellulosic bioethanol.

Sustainability Consult also supports DSM’s joint venture with Roquette, Reverdia, providing a range of marketing and communications services to promote bio-succinic acid.

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