A New Generation of Biodegradable Films - NATIVIA® is a range of Polylactic acid (PLA) films made from renewable resources. Manufactured by Taghleef Industries, the entire range is industrially-compostable and includes heat sealable transparent and solid white films for packaging and labelling applications in the food and non-food sectors. In 2017, Sustainability Consult conducted a Credibility Audit to review NATIVIA®’s messaging.

We assessed the brand’s web pages, press releases, newsletters, social media channels and marketing materials, checking for consistency and asking the tough questions to ensure the brand’s messaging stands up to scrutiny.

Taghleef Industries used Sustainability Consult’s recommendations to refine the NATIVIA® messaging and update its digital marketing tools. Our work will help to ensure NATIVIA® remains a trusted brand of bioplastics, supported by credible claims and visible among its target audience.

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