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Promoting Bio-based Solutions from Plant Biomass – Leaf Resources has developed a breakthrough technology to enable the production of cost-effective, bio-based alternatives to petro-based chemicals. Sustainability Consult worked for the Australian company through 2018 to provide marketing communications and media relations.

We provided consultancy to ensure Leaf’s messaging and representatives told a coherent and captivating story about its technology, such as the biodegradable and recyclable coating for paper and cardboard: LeafCOATTM. Our Team also developed clear editorial guidelines for Leaf’s LinkedIn page, maintained the account and launched a new showcase page for LeafCOATTM.

Leaf used our SC Newsire service to distribute their press releases to targeted regions and trade press. We announced to sustainability press that Leaf was selected for the Unreasonable Impact accelerator programme in June 2018 and handled the media follow-up to negotiate articles that promoted Leaf’s proposed biorefinery project in Malaysia.

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For more information, visit: leafresources.com.au/

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