European Heat Pump Association

HP KEYMARK, Quality Assurance for Europe – Heat Pump KEYMARK is a third-party certificate for heat pumps which allows manufacturers to demonstrate product reliability and compliance with European Regulations, including EU Eco-design requirements. To boost Heat Pump KEYMARK visibility and increase the scheme’s recognition, in 2018 Sustainability Consult created a communications campaign strategy, a set of key messages, new boilerplate text and a series of taglines.

We worked closely with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) to develop the messaging and campaign strategy. By analysing the publicly-available information on KEYMARK and other similar certification schemes, we created a campaign strategy targeting heat pump manufacturers, policymakers and consumers, highlighting the advantages of HP KEYMARK for each different audience.

Our strategy and messaging tools enabled HP KEYMARK to build awareness, influence policymakers and advocate for wider recognition of the certificate across Europe, helping to expand the market for safe, reliable, energy-efficient heat pumps.


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