Going Wild In Flanders! The Great Outdoors On Brussels’ Doorstep

World Environment Day, the fifth of June 2016 and exactly a year to the day since we launched our most recent collaboration with Natuurpunt, a charity close to our hearts. This weekend, the SC Team joined for an evening exploring Natuurpunt’s Silsombos near Erps-Kwerps, a woodland with beautiful orchids.


As communications nerds focused on promoting environmental and societal responsibility, we’ll admit that we often spend more time indoors than we should! In this digital age, I think most of you would concede it’s a common occurrence. So when we get the chance, we love to get outdoors and get a little dirty.

While Belgium’s countryside is overlooked, somewhat unfairly amongst the wild wonders of Europe, our friends at Natuurpunt are experts at rejuvenating Flander’s natural wealth. They do this through purchasing land, conservation and sustainable land management. We first came into contact with the NGO though our mutual membership of The Shift, the Belgian sustainability network which also celebrated its first anniversary this week.

Silsombos Eric Malfait 6 copy

The SC Team at the Silsombos woodland 'Nocturne' in 2015 

We’ve now been working closely with Natuurpunt for four years and the partnership continues to go from strength to strength. Watch out for news of our next project in the coming weeks!

Why not come along and go a little (or very) wild with us?

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