Press Release: Reverdia and Xinfu Sign Agreement for Biosuccinium® Supply and Collaboration

REVERDIA FINALReverdia announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with Hangzhou Xinfu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinfu). The partnership represents a collaboration to adopt Biosuccinium® in bio-based polymers and co-polymers for the packaging industry, as well as a long-term supply agreement.

Xinfu is a global pioneer in fully biodegradable resins and films. It will exclusively use Biosuccinium® for producing bio-based polymers, derivatives and new cutting-edge biomaterials for packaging applications such as (compostable) single-use bags.

Mr. Lin, Executive Director at Xinfu and Member of the Board said, “We have been working with Reverdia since 2011 and proudly commit to this long-term partnership, which will develop more sustainable technologies and materials.”

“These new materials will target the biodegradable packaging market,” said Marcel Lubben, President of Reverdia. “We’re excited to work with an industry pioneer like Xinfu on bio-based solutions and this agreement is yet another example of Reverdia’s global leadership in value chain innovation.”

About Hangzhou Xinfu Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Based in China, Hangzhou Xinfu is a global industry pioneer in fully biodegradable resins and films. It possesses leading in-house R&D from manufacturing to business development and builds a strong portfolio on its new generation of bio-based plastics.

About Reverdia
Reverdia enables the bio-based materials of tomorrow with its industry-leading Biosuccinium® offering. It works with brand owners and manufacturers on application co-development for sustainable products. Produced since 2012, Biosuccinium® is sold globally. The Biosuccinium® Technology is also offered under license to value chain partners and co-producers.

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