Will You Go Outside With Us?

OptOutsideWith European retailers jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon and pushing sales the day after American Thanksgiving, we are joining #OptOutside, the more sustainable post-Thanksgiving tradition launched last year by REI.

On Friday 25 November, one day after our eight-year anniversary, Sustainability Consult is closing for a day so the Team can enjoy time outdoors.

We care deeply about the environment so it was only natural for us to join this movement to reconnect people with nature and each other.

#OptOutside was started in 2015 by US co-op and retailer REI. As a keen REI member, our CEO Kathryn was inspired by the message #OptOutside is spreading. Determined to help people think differently about Black Friday, REI shut up shop for the day and paid its more than 12,000 employees to spend time outside with friends and family. Last year, REI’s decision was supported by more than 1.4 million people and 170 organisations.

This year, we’re adding our voice to the call to reclaim Black Friday. Why not join us?

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