Epicerol® Commended for Sustainable Technology

Epicerol Awards

We’re proud to announce that the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has highly commended Epicerol® for its Sustainable Technology. The accolade came during the IChemE Global Awards in Manchester, England.

Epicerol® is manufactured by Advanced Biochemical Thailand Co., Ltd. (ABT) using an innovative process developed by Solvay. It is a bio-based epichlorohydrin (ECH) based on 100% renewable glycerine.

“The Epicerol® Team is incredibly proud of this recognition from chemical engineers,” said Thibaud Caulier, Epicerol® Business Manager. “Epicerol® was developed and commercialised because of demand for a truly sustainable bio-based ECH. Our product continues to demonstrate its value as a commercially-proven drop-in for petro-based ECH.”

IChemE is the global professional membership organisation for chemical engineering professionals and the process industries, including the emerging bioprocess sector. It has over 44,000 members, which celebrate excellence, innovation and achievement in the chemical, biochemical and process industries in over 120 countries.

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