Sustainability Consult Wraps up Its First Summer School

Summer SchoolLearning has many benefits, from boosting health and happiness to finding a fulfilling career. In 2017, Sustainability Consult created a Summer School to share some of our knowledge and offer our community the opportunity to pick up new skills. From August to September, we posted a weekly class on a variety of subjects related to digital communications and sustainability – all accessible for free!

Classes were built around the specialist knowledge of each Team member. Subjects covered include practical tips on decluttering and sustainability, to how to become better at storytelling. There is something for everyone.

Summer School classes:

  1. Twitter
  2. Storytelling
  3. Job interviews
  4. Photography
  5. Energy efficient home
  6. Office decluttering
  7. Food waste

Sharing our knowledge is something we strongly believe in at Sustainability Consult. Our hope is that our passion for everything sustainable, as well as credible communications and how to live more consciously, will inspire positive change. Driven by this same ambition, we host The Good Library, where our community can borrow books for free about the green economy, climate change, sustainability, communications, energy, ecology and the environment. The Good Library includes several environmental DVDs.

To find out more about the events we organise for our community, check out our Green Week side event β€˜Landing a Green Job with Social Media’, Green Drinks and The Big Swap.

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