NNFCC and Sustainability Consult Collaborate on Bioeconomy Brexit Article in Speciality Chemicals Magazine

Brexit and BioeconomyHow will Brexit impact the bioeconomy? Sustainability Consult and its UK-based partner NNFCC teamed up to write about this in an issue of Speciality Chemicals Magazine.

While the European bioeconomy is worth €2.2 trillion and accounts for 9% of the EU’s workforce, the use of renewable resources is still unfamiliar to many chemical companies and brand owners. As participants in a range of successful EU bioeconomy projects, such as BIOSKOH and BioBase4SME, NNFCC and Sustainability Consult know that collaboration is key for developing new bio-based solutions. So how will Brexit change this?

Find out more by reading the full article on pages 46-7 here.

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