Press Release: MetGen wins Frost & Sullivan 2019 European Technology Innovation Award

metgenFinnish biocatalysis company MetGen has been awarded the 2019 European Technology Innovation Award by global research company Frost & Sullivan.

The judges chose to honour MetGen's enzyme technologies METNIN™ and ENZINE® as they "solve the industry’s major pain points regarding the valorization of lignin, shorter technology development cycles, and customization of enzymes for different applications."

METNIN™ enables products made from lignin to have a reduced carbon footprint while ENZINE® significantly reduces the technology development cycle of enzymes focused on biomass.

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MetGen CEO Alex Michine accepting the 2019 European Technology Innovation Award

Alex Michine, CEO of MetGen, said, "We are humbled that Frost & Sullivan has recognised METNIN™ and ENZINE® as innovative technologies. This prestigious European award acknowledges the MetGen team's dedication to finding renewable alternatives to oil-based products and helping companies get the most out of biomass."

For more information, you can access Frost & Sullivan's press release here.

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