Thirty weeks since lockdown

Kathryn Sheridan at computerFor sure, 2020 is not the year we were expecting. I've done a lot that I didn't share at the time so here are some highlights. I hope you find them useful.

Events have felt stale to me for a few years. But I never imagined everything going online. I miss the informal chats over coffee. And meeting a new client by chance.

I really enjoyed the 'Synthetic biology: fact or fiction?' panel at BIO IMPACT. We recorded the panel beforehand then I 'moderated' the live chat by keeping the discussion going, asking questions and highlighting key soundbites from the speakers.

Moderating the live chat? Yes! This makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE to the user experience. Events that don't try to engage the audience are missing an opportunity. You can check out the BIO IMPACT panel on the potential of biotechnology below.


I was also on a panel on lifecycle assessment (LCA) speaking about how to communicate credibly on the bioeconomy. If that's your thing, I come on at 0:56 minutes and then in the panel discussion at 1:08.

I've also been doing some video and podcast interviews. Here are my favourites.

I did a video interview with Matt Lipscomb on 'What's happening at DMC?'. I really like this format. It's not meant to be flashy - we just recorded a conversation on Zoom. I have a couple more of these lined up so let me know if you could use a simple video like this for your YouTube or newsletter.

Then there was the What Comes Next interview which I mentioned in my previous email. I enjoyed talking about authentic leadership and sustainability. It's available as a podcast on iTunes and Spotify if you prefer to listen.

There is a playlist of my videos on YouTube.

I was on an in-cosmetics podcast on the sustainability of natural personal care ingredients and whether biotech presents a threat or an opportunity.

My favourite media moment was being quoted in Forbes in an article about how lockdown had influenced consumer behaviour. It's called 'Marketing to the new consumer'.

Forbes screen shot

So did I actually get any work done?!

You could be forgiven for wondering this but to me, it's all part of the job. Still, if you want me for 'work work', just reach out. I would like to do a couple more Credibility Audits between now and the end of the year. Consider the Credibility Audit and get in touch if you want me to review your public position and highlight any risks to your reputation.

Kathryn with glasses

P.S. I got computer glasses (this is what 44 looks like!).


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