Surfing the second wave in Brussels

surfingTheSecondWave social mediaAs we get used to the second lockdown here in Belgium, I wanted to reach out to the Brussels community, as most of us have been working from home since March.

Even if you enjoy remote working as much as I do, it's hard when we can't have in-person conversations or go for coffee with our colleagues. While many large companies put wellbeing support in place for their employees early on, most Brussels offices and associations do not have access to the same resources.

If you're the head of a trade association, NGO or policy office in Brussels, I know you're doing your best to support your team. But it's hard and I'm here to help.

As someone who has been working in sustainability in Brussels for 20 years, I know the landscape. I'm also a certified coach working with leaders and changemakers. Given all of this, I believe I have the skills to support you and your team.

That's why I decided to launch a new service for these unprecedented times - SURFING THE SECOND WAVE sessions.

Until the end of the year, I am helping to bring teams together, to connect and share how they are coping with remote working. I have a process I will take your team through. We'll share the highs and lows in a safe space facilitated by me.

These sessions were inspired by my Leaving Lockdown workshop. Here's what one participant had to say:

"The Leaving Lockdown workshop provided a safe space for colleagues to share and express themselves outside of the context of work, despite it being a company organised activity. Kathryn was very good at making us all feel comfortable, facilitating the workshop and allowing us all to talk openly about our experiences of the COVID lockdown. Thank you Kathryn!"
Ruth Tchaparian, European Patients' Forum

If this is something you need, just email me to book a SURFING THE SECOND WAVE session for your team (or to explore the option of 1-to-1 leadership coaching). And do pass this on to anyone who might find it useful.

And looking on the bright side - at least chocolate shops are still considered an essential business...

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