Communicator or Changemaker?

EuroPCom KS2Sustainability Consult’s CEO Kathryn Sheridan spoke about credible communications and the opportunity for communicators to contribute to real change at the 11th edition of the EU Committee of the Regions communications conference EuroPCom in December 2020.

“Either you are a communicator that is a tool in the machine — and you’re just doing as you’re told — or you can be the type of communicator who is contributing to real change,” Kathryn told the online audience.

Kathryn believes that communicators can — and even should — be changemakers contributing to real change, not just tools to push out the messages they are asked to or masters of applications and algorithms.

She talked about the need to balance credibility and visibility for any organisation that wants to be taken seriously, especially in the sustainability field. She went on to explain that well-crafted messaging and credibility are key to building trust with any audience.

Kathryn describes the three elements of being a genuine changemaker as: 1) being a thoughtleader, 2) being credible and 3) building community.

“My view on being a changemaker is that it starts with credibility and credibility builds trust. It means that what we are saying¬, what organisations are saying and doing is believable. This is how we build trust with our audience,” said Kathryn.

You can see Kathryn’s talk ‘Communicator or Changemaker?’ on our YouTube channel.

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