Press Release: DMC Demonstrates Full Commercial Scale At Record Speed

DMC logo15 March 2021 – DMC Biotechnologies has successfully demonstrated full commercial scale (85m3 fermentation at EW Biotech, Germany) for its first product, the amino acid L-alanine. The scale-up results identically tracked the performance at bench and pilot scales, further validating the predictability and scalability of DMC’s Dynamic Metabolic Control technology. Importantly, commercial performance metrics were demonstrated, meaning that no further strain improvements are required to achieve the target selling price.

This demonstration of process robustness and predictability across scale of production – from high-throughput screening to full commercial scale has never been demonstrated in the field and represents a major advancement for DMC. This core technology enablement will also be beneficial for DMC’s pipeline of products that will be scaled and commercialized next.

The scale-up process was conducted at EW Biotech’s facility in Leuna, Germany. According to Michael Katzberg, Managing Director at EW Biotech, “We are excited to report on the successful technology transfer and scale up of DMC’s process at the EW Biotech facility. This demonstration of process robustness and predictability of the strain across industrially relevant scale has the potential to radically improve the field of industrial biotechnology.”

Matt Lipscomb, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder of DMC said, “A successful biotech business is about more than exciting science. Demonstration of performance at commercial scale with L-alanine validates the key technology features of robustness and predictability that will be inherent in all of our processes and demonstrates that we are on target with the economics for our lead product. We have reached commercial scale with unprecedented speed and capital efficiency when compared to any other company in the sector.”

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