Launching Coaching for Changemakers

CC LAUNCH MAILCHIMP BANNER 01Brussels — 22 March 2021 Our CEO Kathryn Sheridan has launched a new coaching practice called Coaching for Changemakers. She says, "I have always been fascinated by people and their stories - what motivates us and what holds us back. Combined with my passion for making change in the world, it was inevitable that I would find my way into coaching sooner or later."

Trying to make change in the world is not always easy. It can be lonely, frustrating and hard to find a balance between doing the work 'out there' and in ourselves. Kathryn spent much of 2020 studying, finally qualifying as a certified trauma-informed coach.

Today we are happy to share the official launch of Coaching for Changemakers, a coaching practice for people making change in the world and in themselves. 

Coaching for Changemakers brings together Kathryn's two decades as a journalist, consultant, volunteer and speaker. It's another way to work with her. She says that the coaching work feeds into her work at Sustainability Consult as both businesses are about supporting people who are making change in the world. We celebrate this new launch with her.

For more information and to sign up for news from Kathryn's coaching practice, go to

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