Press Release: World Bio Markets is back. But different.

WBMM logo15 October 2021 — Amsterdam in March meant World Bio Markets (WBM). Meant drooling over the design of the Hotel Okura. It meant brewpubs and me trying to meet Barbara "along the canal". She would then have to point out that there are many, many canals and which one was I on exactly? WBM was a highlight for those of us working on sustainable materials. We were so sorry to see that WBM didn't survive lockdown and that the company went into liquidation.

I'm pleased to report that the company is now under new ownership and is coming back with innovative formats to bring us together safely but hopefully without the dreariness of some online events.

They keep telling me this is not an event. So what is it?

Well, it's a digital meeting service. Think of a matchmaking service, maybe even speed dating. But not Tinder - let's not go there, I've put those days far behind me.

Here's what you need to know:

- It's called World Bio Market Meetup
- It's happening 1-2 December, online
- If you register soon, you'll get two meetings for free
- More than two meetings and you pay. That's the business model. You can buy a Premium Pass for $1,500 or use my discount code WBMM2021 for 20% off
- I'm still figuring out all the details but essentially if you want to meet more people, you will pay for it
- There will be Expert Tables for small group discussions on particular themes
- The guy to talk to is Paul MacDonald. He has all the details

Repeat after me - "digital meeting service". Not event.

I'm super curious so I'll be there. Hope to see you in the digital space.

But don't wait til December. Reach out anytime and let me know how you're getting on. Or if you want my eagle eye on any projects, we're offering senior level comms input - as long as we can have clear value and impact.

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