#WhatBrandsWant – Brand Perspectives on Biomaterials

Since 2011, Sustainability Consult has worked with companies invested in the bioeconomy to promote responsible development of the industry. We often hear the same question: how can brands be encouraged to invest in renewable materials?

To answer this question and best engage brands on the Bio Revolution, we measured awareness and understanding of the biomaterials sector amongst leading companies. Over a six-month period, we analysed responses from over 40 brands on the market trends, barriers and opportunities for bio-based products. The results offer unique end-user insights into the renewable materials market.

Our Headline Findings include:

  • Growth is expected in the biomaterials market
  • Brand investment is driven by consumer demand and public image
  • There is growing commitment towards renewable materials and alternatives to fossil-based products
  • Brands are looking for information on the pricing, availability and performance

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Brand Perspectives
On Biomaterials


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