Presenting Biobased Alternatives - Since September 2014, Sustainability Consult has been supporting Advanced Biochemical Thailand (ABT). ABT’s Epicerol® is an alternative to petro-based epichlorohydrin (ECH), a chemical used mainly in coatings and resins. From the start of our discussions, we were impressed by the company’s commitment to sustainability and have been working to raise the profile and commercial viability of Epicerol® as a more sustainable ECH.

Through media relations, awards submissions, including winning the JEC Innovation Award, and internal communications and sales support, Sustainability Consult is a valuable part of the Epicerol® business development team.

In 2016, we oversaw production of a video filmed in Thailand. It showcased the unique feedstock, technology and passion that goes into producing Epicerol®.

ABT joined forces with AkzoNobel and EY in 2017 to launch an online tool which tracks bio-based content in products. Through our efforts, the news was widely shared among the bioeconomy community and international science and technology publications.

Epicerol® News:

For more information, visit http://www.vinythai.co.th/

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