Kathryn’s ‘Bioplastic Fantastic’ TEDxGhent Video Online

StoryMe TEDxGhent Image For Bioplastics Fantastic TalkIt’s time to break up with oil and leave it in the ground. That was the clear message from Kathryn’s TEDxGhent talk ‘Bioplastic Fantastic: Why we don’t need oil for plastics,’ which is now online. Presented at TEDxGhent #bitsoflove earlier this year, Kathryn’s talk advocates for the Bio Revolution and making everyday products like chemicals and plastics from plants.

To celebrate Kathryn’s success on the famous TEDx red dot, we're organising a break-up themed screening party at the Sustainability Consult office. We’ll be asking our community to send us their favourite break-up songs for the party playlist.

Got a break-up song suggestion? Send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #breakupwithoil.

'Bioplastic Fantastic: Why we don’t need oil for plastics' video:

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