RESYNTEX Annual General Assembly and Crescentino Site Visit

Social Media Snap by AboutGoodsIn May, our Managing Director Richard Delahay travelled to Italy for the second RESYNTEX General Assembly which included a site visit to Biochemtex’s Crescentino plantBiochemtex is a RESYNTEX project partner and work package leader.

Crescentino is the very first plant in the world to produce second-generation bioethanol on an industrial scale. The plant uses PROESA™ technology created by Biochemtex. It will produce up to 40,000 tons of bioethanol per year when at full capacity.


Insights and learnings from Crescentino will also be used to help design Europe’s first second-generation commercial biorefinery, which is being developed as part of the BIOSKOH research project.

Sustainability Consult is the dissemination partner for both RESYNTEX and BIOSKOH, coordinating the project communication activities. Our Team manages project websites, organises information sessions and keeps stakeholders up to date with regular newsletters. While RESYNTEX aims to produce secondary raw materials from unwearable textile waste, BIOSKOH will transform a brownfield industrial site in eastern Slovakia into a 55 kton cellulosic ethanol production facility.

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