Our Sustainability Pledge for 2018

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We believe it’s crucial to practice what you preach. To kick start our year on the right foot, we have set ourselves new sustainability targets which will build on the progress from 2017.

During the past year, we installed a smart thermostat and energy-saving bulbs throughout our office to manage energy consumption. Our Team has also signed Dopper’s pledge to stop using single-use plastic bottles or cups where possible. We continue to support local Belgian initiatives by donating one percent of our sales to nature conservation NGOs via 1% for the Planet. Our latest Natuurpunt partnership in the Koeheide nature reserve resulted in a picnic bench, information boards and a bee hotel!

Our commitments for 2018 include switching to suppliers which are more closely aligned with our values, such as an energy provider listed on the Greenpeace Energy Supplier ranking. We will also switch to a cleaning service supplier which uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products. We will continue to monitor our office waste, energy consumption and travel so that we can transparently measure and assess our ongoing development as a sustainable business.

Our values underpin a unique approach to credible communications and an ambition to bring positive change to our community, business and environment. We aim to be transparent about our achievements in order to live and work more sustainably.

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