We’re back to school. And it’s a new school

Kathryn Conscious Leader 2018I love September. The changing of the seasons, a warm duvet at the end of the day and the richness of the harvest after the heat of summer. I think it comes partly from school with all the hopes and expectations the new school year promised. For me, September feels like more of a fresh start than the New Year or spring ever does.

I’ve been keeping a fairly low profile since I came back from my one-year sabbatical in April. I wanted to tread carefully and take the time to get back into things. After stepping back for a year, there is no business as usual. There were some changes and challenges, all milestones in the entrepreneur’s journey.

And what a journey it has been. Since coming back, highlights include the Conscious Business Leader award I received for my personal journey, launching a video series and starting with new clients including Anellotech and waste-to-energy association CEWEP.

What I’m most excited about today is a fresh start in a new office. We are starting our ‘new school year’ at Greenbizz, an office building and incubator for green startups in Brussels. As Sustainability Consult is nearly ten years old, I was afraid they might think we were too established. But they decided we were a good fit.

Kathryn and Marcel interview 2018

There’s more to come but for now I would like to reconnect with you, to hear about your hopes and fears, what you’re working on and what’s keeping you awake at night... please reach out if you would like to talk about working together or just to say hi. And if you’re in Brussels, come over to Greenbizz and meet the team.

You can follow my blog on https://medium.com/@kathrynsheridan. The Sustainability Consult Newswire is at https://sustainabilityconsult.com/news.


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