How was your March?

KSSpring has sprung here in Belgium and with the new shoots and blossoms, it feels like a time for growth and trying new things. Despite having spent over a year locked down one way or another, I am feeling enthusiastic and energised about spring.

It's been a good month for the bioeconomy. Our biomaterials clients really played their part in building a more sustainable way to make products.

Circa Group went public and had a brilliant first few weeks of trading. I made a little video about fundraising in a pandemic. Circa also hired onto the management team.

Capsul'in Pro launched the world's first Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule which is home compostable, 100% biobased and with a high barrier to oxygen.

What I appreciate with our clients is that they are breaking down the idea that sustainability means compromise.

What Capsul'in brought to market means no compromise - good coffee and you can compost the capsule when you're done. In the EU, organic waste collection is mandated from 2023 so this works even if you don't have your own compost heap.

Our clients are bold thoughtleaders. I don't think they would work with us if they weren't.

DMC launched a free web-based tool to help early stage R&D teams prioritise their resources and move from interesting science project to real business viability. The Technoecoomic Analysis (TEA) calculator is a significant contribution to the biotech industry.

In industry news, DMC demonstrated its technology at commercial scale and found that it scaled perfectly. All this much faster and with much less budget than its peers. Next step, getting these products on the market.

You can see all our client News on our website.

KS and dogPhoto: A wonderful day hike in the High Fen, close to the Belgian/German border in March 2021

We added a new member to the Sustainability Consult team. Marta Pacheco started supporting us in 2020 so it was time to make it official and add her to the website. Marta is a journalist and EU policy expert.

Talking of making things official, I officially launched Coaching for Changemakers in March. I made a quick video about how it all fits together.

It has been a bumper month for us so my word for April is 'Momentum' - keeping it going and supporting others who aren't feeling it right now.

In case you're not feeling the joys of spring, you can reach out to me for support. If coaching appeals, check out Coaching for Changemakers. You can sign up for News over there too. Otherwise, just drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know how you're doing.

With gratitude,

Kathryn Sheridan
Sustainability Consult

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