AVALON Industries

Supporting Swiss Cleantech - AVALON Industries hired Sustainability Consult in February 2014 to build the brands’ visibility and credibility.  We started with the announcement that the company’s 5-HMF plant had come online which generated considerable media interest.

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Communicating The Solvay Way - Sustainability Consult supported Solvay’s brand Epicerol® between 2014-2017. From the start of our discussions, we were impressed by Solvay’s extensive LCA and commitment to sustainability and worked with Solvay to raise the profile and commercial viability of its more sustainable ECH.

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Managing Twitter For A Bio-Based Start-Up – Photanol has developed breakthrough technology which converts CO2 and sunlight into valuable organic compounds. In 2016, Sustainability Consult managed the company’s Twitter account @Photanol.

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Spreading Sustainability In The Margarine Sector - The European Margarine Association (IMACE) worked with Sustainability Consult from 2016-2018 to produce Sustainability Guidelines, Best Practice Case Studies and a sustainability brochure.

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Developing the Future of Sustainable Computing – A subsidiary of Dell Technologies, Dell is one of the largest multinational computer technology companies in the world. Committed to developing the circular economy, the company has invested in several pioneering recycling and sustainable packaging initiatives.

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