European Heat Pump Association

HP KEYMARK, Quality Assurance for Europe – Heat Pump KEYMARK is a third-party certificate for heat pumps which allows manufacturers to demonstrate product reliability and compliance with European Regulations, including EU Eco-design requirements. To boost Heat Pump KEYMARK visibility and increase the scheme’s recognition, in 2018 Sustainability Consult created a communications campaign strategy, a set of key messages, new boilerplate text and a series of taglines.

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Leaf Resources

Promoting Bio-based Solutions from Plant Biomass – Leaf Resources has developed a breakthrough technology to enable the production of cost-effective, bio-based alternatives to petro-based chemicals. Sustainability Consult worked for the Australian company through 2018 to provide marketing communications and media relations.

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Producing Bio-based Plastic From Sugarcane - Braskem, the world’s leading biopolymer producer, manufactures I'm greenTM polyethylene (Green PE) from sugarcane ethanol. The company produces 200,000 tons of Green PE per year.

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Promoting Best-In-Class Technology - Sustainability Consult worked with Reverdia for five years until the company was dissolved in March 2019. Reverdia, a joint venture of DSM and Roquette, produced Biosuccinium® bio-succinic acid at its plant in Cassano, Italy using patented low pH yeast technology.

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Developing an Ultra-low Emission Foam Technology – Huntsman is a global speciality chemicals company and a leader in MDI-based polyurethane solutions. For over a decade, Huntsman has been investing in R&D to develop a chemical formulation which reduces total emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in automotive seating foam systems.

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