Subsidies to the Power Sector: Europe’s Best Kept Secret?

Sustainability Consult's CEO, Kathryn Sheridan, moderated a heated debate at EWEA yesterday. The event 'Subsidies to the power sector: Europe's best kept secret?' brought together speakers from the renewable and fossil fuel sectors with economists from the European Commission and OECD. Fossil fuel subsidies is a pressing issue since the G20 made a pledge to phase out market distorting subsidies. We supported the Global Subsidies Initiative on this issue some years ago.

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We're Thankful For Five Years Of Sustainability Consult

On Thanksgiving 2008, I launched Sustainability Consult, creating the responsible and ethical business I dreamed of working for, where we would choose our clients carefully and influence the way sustainability is communicated. We would push our clients to be more sustainable in their actions and more credible in their communications. It was a gamble but I was certain that there was a better way of doing consultancy.

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Sustainability Consult Opens Woodland In Belgium

I think the crazy happy smiles on our faces say it all. Sunday 20 October 2013 was an amazing day for all of us at Sustainability Consult. It was the day where we felt all our hard work over the last five years pay off. As members of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales (yes, that's sales not profit!) to an environmental non-profit organisation. On that sunny Sunday in October, our first 1% for the Planet project was unveiled.

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Communicating Sustainability In The Bio-Based Chemical Industry

Article published by our CEO Kathryn Sheridan on October 2013, in The Nexus Blog

In recent years, the bio-based chemical industry has experienced steady growth and interest in the 'bioeconomy', an economy based on the consumption and production of materials from renewable sources.  Companies and consumers alike are looking for solutions that are more environmentally-conscious and contribute to a sustainable future.

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