Press Release: New Technology Advances Lead Anellotech to Announce Commercial Plant Engineering Plans

Anellotech LogoAnellotech demonstrates commercially-viable process economics during multi-month runs at its TCat-8® pilot facility and the company will begin planning for a new commercial plant with partners IFPEN and Axens

Sustainable technology company Anellotech confirms significant progress in its Bio-TCatTM technology development program and has begun planning for scale-up design and engineering of a commercial plant with its process development and design partner IFPEN and commercialization, engineering, and licensing partner Axens.

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Press Release: Stora Enso’s Lignin Wins ‘Best Product Innovation’ at the ICIS Innovation Awards

storaenso logo detailLineoTM by Stora Enso, launched earlier this year, has won ‘Best Product Innovation’ at the ICIS Innovation Awards 2018. ICIS, Independent Chemical Information Service, is the world's largest petrochemical market information provider. Stora Enso was shortlisted in its award category alongside other industry leaders. The judges recognised the impressive potential of Stora Enso’s versatile and renewable bio-based solution made from lignin, one of the main building blocks of a tree.

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Press Release: Jacobs Confirms Anellotech’s Bio-TCatTM Process Leads to Significant Carbon Emission Reductions Compared to Petro-based Aromatics

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Independent LCA review validates that Anellotech’s Bio-TCatTM technology significantly reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) in bio-based aromatics produced for plastics applications and biofuels blendstocks.

Sustainable technology company Anellotech announced that its pioneering Bio-TCatTM process, which produces bio-based aromatics from pine wood, has a CO2 emission reduction potential of 70% or more when compared to petroleum-derived equivalents. Jacobs’ analysis confirms that Bio-TCatTM is ideal for chemical producers and brand owners looking to meet sustainability goals for producing renewable polymers for consumer products or biofuels blended into transportation fuels.

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Press Release: BIC Welcomes Updated European Bioeconomy Strategy as a Necessary Step Towards Reducing Global GHG Emissions

BIC logoToday, the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) welcomes the European Commission’s update to its Bioeconomy Strategy. The communication of this update is timely, given the recent urgent call to action from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We especially welcome the focus on scaling-up the bio-based sectors by supporting innovation and unlocking investments and markets, and deploying the bioeconomy across Europe.

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Press Release: Carbon Trust Endorses Braskem’s Carbon-Negative Claims for Bio-based Plastic

Braskem logoBrazilian chemicals company Braskem, producers of I’m green™ – a bio-based polyethylene made from sugarcane – has had its negative carbon footprint credentials strengthened thanks to an independent review by the Carbon Trust.

In a new report comparing I’m green™ with fossil-based equivalents, the Carbon Trust has endorsed the methodology used by Braskem to support claims that for every tonne of I’m green™ produced, the equivalent of around 3 tonnes of CO2 are locked away by the sugarcane, which provides the main raw material for its manufacture. This means Braskem’s bio-based plastic is effectively carbon-negative.

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