A Milestone Summer for RESYNTEX and its Communications

RESYNTEX Exploitation WorkshopAlong with our partners, the Sustainability Consult Team has been hard at work over the summer months promoting the milestones and developments of the RESYNTEX project. Richard, our Senior Project Manager, facilitated a workshop for the project’s General Assembly in Thessaloniki, Greece. The workshop helped partners strengthen their communication and exploitation strategies around sustainable textile recycling. As the communications lead for the project, Sustainability Consult is responsible for disseminating findings and engaging key stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue on the circular economy and waste.

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We’re back to school. And it’s a new school

Kathryn Conscious Leader 2018I love September. The changing of the seasons, a warm duvet at the end of the day and the richness of the harvest after the heat of summer. I think it comes partly from school with all the hopes and expectations the new school year promised. For me, September feels like more of a fresh start than the New Year or spring ever does.

I’ve been keeping a fairly low profile since I came back from my one-year sabbatical in April. I wanted to tread carefully and take the time to get back into things. After stepping back for a year, there is no business as usual. There were some changes and challenges, all milestones in the entrepreneur’s journey.

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Kathryn Sheridan Interviews Reverdia President on Biomaterials Industry Developments

Kathryn and Marcel interview 2018To launch a new series of video interviews, our CEO Kathryn Sheridan sat down with Reverdia’s President Marcel Lubben to talk about the challenges Reverdia had to overcome to become a leading producer of bio-succinic acid. We also dug into Marcel’s thoughts on the European Commission’s reaction to the ongoing plastics debate and the proposed single use plastics ban.

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