Press Release: New Product Launch - Sustainability Consult Develops Audit to Measure Credibility

Credibility Audit

Sustainability Consult has launched the Credibility Audit, a brand new process to measure the credibility of a business, its claims and its story. It draws on the company's experience and passion for credibility and sustainability.

Kathryn Sheridan, CEO of Sustainability Consult said, "Making claims about sustainability can be risky. After ten years of running our business, we know there's no one simple way to make a business or product more sustainable. It's complicated, sometimes even contradictory and can be more nuanced than most frameworks allow for. Despite your best efforts, you can't always get it right. The Credibility Audit is the next step in our commitment to helping companies make real change."

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Bárbara Chairing and Moderating Bio-based Fashion Session at World Bio Markets 2019

Barbara Mendes Jorge Moderates WBM2019Senior Consultant Bárbara Mendes-Jorge will be chairing and moderating a session on sustainable fashion at the 14th World Bio Markets conference, which takes place on 1-3 April in Amsterdam.

Building a bio-based industry: Apparel and textiles’ will see speakers from H&M, Allbirds, C&A, Stora Enso and Hemp Eyewear discuss how their companies are helping change sustainability practices in the fashion industry by embracing bio-based materials.

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Press Release: Stora Enso Partners with H&M Group and Inter IKEA group to Industrialize TreeToTextile

storaenso logo detail

TreeToTextile AB is a joint venture between H&M group, Inter IKEA group and innovator Lars Stigsson since 2014, with the aim of developing new textile fibers in a sustainable way at attractive cost levels. Today TreeToTextile announces that Stora Enso will join this partnership, and also support the industrialization of TreeToTextile’s production process by setting up a demonstration plant at one of its Nordic facilities.

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