Press Release: Ad Smolders Joins Reverdia As Operations Director

Ad Smolders Reverdia has announced that Ad Smolders will join the company as Operations Director, effective immediately. Smolders previously worked at DSM for seventeen years in various international technology and manufacturing assignments. More recently, he has overseen an extensive number of operations projects, including the optimisation of yeast plants, as a consultant and interim manager.


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Clients Named As ‘Hottest Companies’ In Advanced Bioeconomy

StoraEnsoHot50FurnaceThat’s right – our clients are so hot right now! Evolva, Reverdia and Stora Enso Biomaterials were all ranked in the Hot 50 published by Biofuels Digest at 42, 35 and 33 respectively. The announcement was made live at the 2016 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC 2016) in Washington DC, USA. You can view the full rankings from Biofuels Digest here.

We are very proud our clients have been recognised by industry and stakeholders alike. Reverdia was already voted 12th in the Hottest Smaller Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy for 2015-16, which was published in November.

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